28% Decrease in CPA’s in 5 Days!

January 9, 2020

We’ve had some outstanding results lately with one of our clients and wanted to share with you a couple of takeaways.  

1, When we started working with the client there were over 30 campaigns on the ad account that spent in the previous 30days. This meant that either the CBO campaigns did not get enough time to spend and they were paused way before they should have been. Or it meant the ad account needed some cleaning up and campaign, adset consolidation.

We reduced the number of active campaigns to 8, as well as consolidated the TOF, MOF, BOF campaigns and audiences to avoid overlaps.

2. Overlapping TOF audiences. Most of the previous campaigns’ audiences were way too segmented which made it impossible for the algorithm to optimize. If there is a lookalike audience for almost every pixel action and every percentage, that means the audiences are continuously overlapping not just within a campaign but on the ad account as well. Lately it works much better if we use larger audiences vs more smaller ones. Also if you create a lookalike based on people who initiated checkout and as well purchasers it is very likely to have a 90% similarity.

3. Missing out on retargeting video viewers. We noticed that most of the ads were longer than 1-2 minutes, but in the middle of funnel campaigns only the 75% or 90% video viewers were retargeted. If a user is watching a video for 30-45sec that is probably a high engaging potential customer. We changed the retargeting to watched 50% of the video and the ROAS increased by 50% on the MOF campaigns. Next step will be to retarget users that watched 15 second of the videos, and only those videos that are running on TOF.

TIP: On MOF separate the video viewers that watched the TOF videos from those that watched a video from the FB Page and see if it improves the results.

4. Changing BOF audience targeting. Some Retargeting audiences had the targeting set for 180 days, which is way too long in my opinion. I am a very strong believer of consolidation and that the algorithm will find the conversions especially in a Retargeting audience, but 180 days is a very long period. We never had success retargeting Page Viewers over 30 days unless there was a special promotion, so we changed all retargeting audiences to target maximum past 30 days, which resulted in a $100 CPA drop on BOF campaigns!!

As you can see 4 small changes had a huge impact on the performance almost immediately. These little details matter and can cost you or win you some $$$$.

If you are interested in learning how to improve your ad’s performance spending upwards of $5,000 a day Feel free to contact us!  We are happy to discuss more details.