How Businesses Should Take Advantage Of Corona Situation In Their Ads

March 20, 2020

Let’s face it. CPAs and CPLs are rising because of the current COVID-19 situation.

Not everybody, but many eComm brands for sure.

It depends on the product you’re selling but the more ‘made in China’ products you sell, the more likely your CPA will go up.

Also, the more ‘not very necessary now’ products you want to scale, the more difficulties you’ll have.

But, as we are all pretty smart media buyers and business owners here, we can adopt this situation to our benefits.

At PBM Agency we decided to put together a list of effective ad copy that we brainstormed or found online.

That’s how we can suggest our clients creative angles for their products to bring the cost down.

Angles that relate to current situations and take advantage of COVID-19 isolation and consumer mindset in general.

I know it’s something many people will say, ‘oh you shouldn’t be very proud about this’, but hey…

We’re marketers. And we are paid to sell more in every situation.

Even if all this is fake, organized or 100% real (let’s don’t go into this now), the virus shouldn’t affect our success rate if we’re good right?

But as you know, we always have to be careful and stay on the good side. Gray and black won’t work on the long term, but we can use ideas with no problem.

Also, please be aware to not use the words KORONA, COV-ID, VIRUS, TRUMP, WUHAN, ETC. in your copy as FB can ban your account.

But, you can use it in the video, especially if you know how to write with shots. And scenes. And photos. And graphics.

We can tell a whole story about the Coronavirus without even typing a single word in our ad.

Have you ever seen those mashup videos that are made out of different online clips and that tells a story about something?

They are easy to do and almost every good video editor can make it.

You just need to start with something special, show details of how your product works, 

then add some facts, show happy customers, then back to the current situation, then again product close-up, and reviews, buy now and brand logo.

Very simple. And efficient. You can use this video on cold or warm traffic.

You can use stock footage or short 1s clips you find online. 

If edited together very quickly, FB won’t say anything. But please be careful anyway from whom you take.

Some brands just don’t like to see their stuff in others hands!!!

In terms of ad copy, we suggest first to screenshot a good ad or a post about the virus when you see it in your feed.

The more you have, the more ideas you try when doing your product copy.

If you can put them in some document on a daily basis, then you can go over those 50-100 ideas and find 5-10 different angles to attack your buyers.

If you’re in more ‘advanced mode’, you can also customize your landing pages to reflect more with your ad.


’Special offer for all affected to be bored while staying at home!’

‘Don’t wait for your business to go down because of this. Rather find a solution! Have you seen what we do?’

‘This is the perfect tool for your isolation. Play with it while waiting at home for someone to bring you food.’

You can get more ideas if you install a great Chrome extension called Turbo Ad Finder.

It will filter your Facebook feed so you can see just promoted posts.

Hope these examples helped you to spark a few creative light bulbs in your head.

As you already know, having a reliable partner in your business is a top priority if you want to crush it on the long-term.

And we’re still kicking, growing and spending a lot for our clients.

If you want us to help your business, go-ahead and schedule a call.

All you need is a good product, good system and a good advertising partner. :)

Here at PBM Agency we help you not just with scaling your ads, but also with building a brand that is not affected by global changes.